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How Understanding Veterinary Compounding Can Help When a Pet is Sick

There is no doubt that pets become part of the family. When they are sick, it can be very stressful. One of the toughest things to have to do is administer medicine to a sick pet. Fortunately, “Understanding Veterinary Compounding” and finding a pharmacy that is able to do this will help a great deal. This provides a unique solution that really will make the process of giving medicine to an animal much easier. Here are the benefits of this customized approach:

Variety of Dosage Forms

Pets vary from small to large and everywhere in between. So, a prescription that might be suitable for one pet might not work for the next. Due to this, a compounding pharmacist is able to provide a suitable dosage of medication for an individual pet in an easy to administer form. The options range from chewable, dissolving tablets, solutions, powders, creams, and pastes. So, the days of trying to stuff pills into hotdogs or pieces of cheese can come to an end.

Flavors Pets Tolerate

It’s hard enough to get kids to take medicine that doesn’t taste good, so it should be no surprise that a pet will not like their prescription flavor either. Fortunately, a compounding pharmacy can flavor the dog or cat’s medicine to resemble the taste of their favorite treat. This will more than likely help when the time comes to give them their next dose. They might even look forward to it.

Access the Proper Formulations

Animals can have adverse reactions to some formulas or inactive ingredients. Just like humans, some medications just don’t agree with them. So, if a pet is sensitive to a certain ingredient or needs a specific formula that is no longer offered in the traditional pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy can create it. They can make it in the proper strength, flavor, and form that is suited for the pet.

Compounding is a very valuable resource for those pet owners whose furry friend requires a prescription treatment but just isn’t receptive to traditional forms of medication. The business of compounding medication is evolving and the feedback from pet owners is very positive. Keep this solution in mind when there is a pet that is need of some special accommodations when it comes to medication.